Pet Hotline

Pet Help Hotline Telephone Service


Animal Advocates has a Free Pet Help Hotline for the public to help people and pets. The Pet Help Hotline provides assistance and solutions to common issues and problems in an effort to keep dogs, cats and their families together.

The Pet Help Hotline addresses behavioral problems and solutions, moving or relocating questions and solutions to landlord/tenant pet rental agreements, assistance with helping people temporarily foster stray pets until adoption, alternatives to de-clawing, allergy control options, help with a stray or orphaned dog or cat, feral cat trap/neuter/return, information on finding a lost pet, introducing pets and children, and many other pet-related issues.

We promote the importance of spaying and neutering for all pets, crate training, and basis obedience as the fundamental elements needed to improve the relationship between families and their canine companions.



We offer advice on the introduction of a new pet into the household with children or other pets, allergy control options, problem solving on cats scratching furniture and puppies chewing household items, housetraining puppies, calls from people whose pet had a litter and they can’t afford to provide food, and many other pet related issues and/or concerns.

Our experienced counselors are very resourceful and possess a wealth of information and knowledge.

We have found that many of our pet help hotline callers express sheer relief upon realizing this resource is available to them.

If you need any information to help you with your pet(s), please call Animal Advocates Pet Help Hotline at (508) 991-7727.