Fostercare Program

Fostercare Program picture8

There are hundreds of homeless dogs and cats within our community in need of foster care and there simply are not enough foster homes available. Providing foster care to an orphaned, abandoned, or recuperating dog or cat is one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences possible. Very often we have animals in need of short term and sometimes a few in need of long term foster care, depending upon the condition they were in when rescued or the age at which they were orphaned.

Animal Advocates has caring families who have opened their homes and their hearts to animals in need of temporary homes while awaiting adoption, but the reality is that there are always more animals in need than there are foster homes available.

The foster care program provides a temporary home to dogs and cats awaiting adoption. It also provides home socialization, which for many animals, is the most important part of their adoption process.picture 18


If you have space in your home for a foster cat or kitten, dog or puppy; if you can provide the daily attention these dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens require, and if you would appreciate the fulfillment of being a foster parent, then this volunteer opportunity is for you.

Be a foster care home and give a homeless pet a second chance.

 If you think this may be the volunteer experience you are looking for, please call us at (508) 991-7727 to speak with one of our helpful and informative volunteers.